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Elevate Your Listings with Our Services

At Space Coast Media Solutions, we specialize in bringing real estate listings to life with a suite of high-quality multimedia services. Our offerings are tailored to meet the needs of realtors looking to make a lasting impression in the competitive market.

Our Professional Packages

PACKAGE (1).jpg

Atlantis Package

A full visual package that offers professional photography, aerial drone coverage, meticulously crafted floorplans, and the ZillowBoost for superior listing visibility.

PACKAGE (2).jpg

Apollo Package

Enhance your property's appeal with professional photography, drone footage, detailed floorplans, ZillowBoost, 30-second reel, and a complete marketing kit for a robust promotional strategy.

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Best Choice

Artemis Package

Our premium package offers comprehensive coverage with professional photos, drone views, a ZillowBoost, precise floorplans, an engaging video tour, and a full suite of marketing tools for an unparalleled listing presentation.

Individual Products

Enhance your real estate marketing with our selection of Individual Products, designed to spotlight each property's unique features.

  • Under 1,500 sq/ft
  • 1,500 - 2,499 sq/ft
  • 2,500 - 3,499 sq/ft
  • 3,500 - 4,499 sq/ft
  • 4,500 - 6,499 sq/ft
  • 6,500 - 7,999 sq/ft
  • 8,000 - 10,000 sq/ft

Starship - Social Media Packages

Each Starship package is strategically crafted to enhance your social media influence, drive engagement, and showcase your property's unique story.

Dive into social media with a suite that includes professional photos, an immersive video tour, a single engaging reel, and a behind-the-scenes (BTS) portrait, paired with a 2-week strategy calendar for optimal content planning. This package is designed to kickstart your online presence with curated content that resonates with your audience.

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The New Wave of Engagement


Reels - Branding Sessions

Transform your real estate listings with our specialized Reels Branding Sessions. These sessions are expertly crafted to produce captivating short-form videos that showcase the unique features and selling points of your properties. Ideal for engaging potential buyers on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, our reels bring your listings to life, highlighting their charm and appeal in a dynamic, visually appealing format.

Podcast Sessions

Elevate your podcast with our professional production services. We specialize in crafting high-quality audio content that resonates with listeners. From in-depth interviews to insightful discussions, our expertise ensures your podcast stands out in a crowded digital space, providing a powerful platform to share your stories, knowledge, and brand message.

The Power of Virtual Staging

Unlock the full potential of your property listings with our Virtual Staging service. Through the art of digital enhancement, we transform empty spaces into beautifully furnished, inviting homes that captivate potential buyers.


Our Virtual Staging allows clients to envision their future in the property, significantly enhancing the appeal and reducing the time on market. 

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