While it may seem crazy, photography has the unique ability to trigger emotions through its imagery. Whether a dreary shot evoking sadness, or a playful image inducing the warmth of happiness, there’s no denying that photography has a certain power not found in other mediums. At Space Coast Aerial Solutions, we harness the ability to invoke emotions and use it to help you sell a home faster and more efficiently.

Emotions are extremely important in the real estate community. In order to get someone to make the decision to buy a house, they need to be able to imagine themselves living in it. Instead of just seeing walls and windows, you need them to envision a home. While a lot of photographers simply take quick, bland photos of properties, we take real estate photography in Brevard County to the next level. One of our proven methods to trigger emotions within potential homebuyers is through twilight photography.

Benefits Of Twilight Photography

Just browsing through sites like Zillow or Trulia, you’ll notice a pattern with the real estate photography. Almost every exterior image is a daytime shot of a house. While this is necessary to give buyers a chance to see the property, it fails to bring up any type of emotion, or push them further into buying the house.

Compare these bright shots with one of our twilight photos, you’ll immediately see (and feel) the difference. With the sun setting on the horizon the clouds are painted with a warm orange and pink glow, while the illumination of the interior lighting seems to invite and welcome onlookers into the home. It’s easy to imagine yourself coming home after a long day, and this house beckoning you in to relax.

Using the lighting of dusk, homebuyers are immediately drawn into the photography, giving you a higher chance to sell quickly. One of the only disadvantages of twilight photography is that there are only two times in the day to get the right shot, but our real estate photographer is committed to getting you the right shot so you do not need to worry about that. You’ll be given inviting and high-quality professional photos that are guaranteed to add value and interest to your listing. Not only that but having this quality of photos will help in marketing your company as well and will gather more clients over time.

It’s simple; in today’s modern age, with the majority of homebuying beginning online, and real estate images having the most impact on homebuyers initial interest, what house is going to get more walkthroughs? The ones with grainy, and unimpressive photos of the property, triggering no emotion whatsoever, or the listing with beautiful, professional photography emitting a welcoming presence and eliciting the feeling of home? We think the answer is clear.

Space Coast Aerial Solutions

At Space Coast, our goal is to help you sell houses through our incomparable quality of real estate photography. Along with our aerial photography, virtual staging, gorgeous interior shots, and more, we promise our services will help boost your business and embrace more interested buyers! Twilight photos are included with all of our photography packages, and we are now offering $25 off any package or a FREE Zillow Walkthrough Tour for any of our first-time customers. Stand out from the competition and contact us today to learn more!

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