The real estate industry is extremely competitive, and it’s vital to stand out in order to pique the interest of prospective buyers and sell houses more efficiently. With 90% of potential homebuyers beginning their search for their dream home online, it’s important to catch their eye immediately.

At the onset of a search, there is one thing that catches their attention; the photography. Even a house that would be the perfect fit will get ignored if the images depicting it are blurred and grainy. At Space Coast Aerial Solutions, our professional real estate photographer in Brevard County uses his expertise and proven methods to lure in buyers with beautiful photography, in turn giving you the ability to sell houses quickly and efficiently.

We don’t just provide you with high-quality exterior shots, but use multiple techniques in order to wow the people searching for their forever home. In this post, we’ll give you a few examples of the services that we provide to gather more interest in your listings and help your real estate company thrive.

Interior Photography

When someone is looking to buy a house, they need to be convinced that it’s the perfect fit. It’s a big decision to become a homeowner and is never taken lightly. Through the usage of thought out angles and ideal lighting, our interior photography will transport the onlookers from the screen to a future where your listing is their forever home.

Virtual Staging

Our virtual staging services give you the opportunity to take an empty house and make it a fully furnished home. Don’t spend the extra money renting furniture, not to mention the hassle of moving it around, and let us stage the house virtually to peak the interest of homebuyers. Whether you have a specific style you’re looking for or targeting a certain demographic, we’ll be able to provide you with the look you need to bring people to the next open house.

Aerial Photography

Along with the actual property, homebuyers want to be able to see what their possible future neighborhood and surroundings look like. With our aerial real estate photography, we use a drone to give the ultimate experience. People searching homes will be able to fly high over the listing to get a full tour of the surrounding Orlando areas. Let them see the vicinity to the beach, or where the nearest schools are to the home. Anything that provides them with more information about the listing will bring them one step closer to buying the house.

Space Coast Aerial Solutions

Along with these stellar options, we also provide twilight photography and walkthrough video tours to really wow possible homebuyers and help you to sell more real estate listings. We are currently offering our first-time clients with $25 off any photo package or a FREE Zillow walkthrough tour. Our incomparable real estate photography will help you market your company, bring in more clients, and most importantly, sell more houses! Stop using the same, bland photos that your competitors use, and stand out! Be sure to contact us today to get started.

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