Benefits of Twilight Real Estate Photography

Realtors in the Orlando area are constantly looking for different ways to market their home listings, as they should be. While many are turning to walk through videos, aerial photography, and virtual tours for their listings, twilight real estate photography is a tool that has not been utilized nearly as much, but can still make a huge difference on listing sites. 

At Space Coast Media Solutions, we know exactly how to dial in various camera settings to achieve those perfect twilight photos of Florida homes. In this blog, we take a quick look at some of the greatest benefits that twilight real estate photography can provide for listing purposes. Visit our website to view more images of our twilight real estate photography!

One-Of-A-Kind Cover Photos

House shopping is similar to car shopping in that buyers view hundreds of very similar pictures before landing on a listing that they decide they like. The process can quickly become mundane, and before you know it, all of the images begin to look the same. 

That’s where twilight photos can make a huge difference. By capturing the warm glow of a home as the sun sets over the deep blue horizon, these photos create a beautiful contrast that makes them easily stand out from all of the other listings. There are no hard shadows or washed out highlights, and the home sits beautifully in focus.

Evokes Curiosity For The Inside

Turning on the lights and portraying a house during the most comfortable time of a day gives viewers a greater desire to see what is going on inside. 

When we drive through a neighborhood during the day, we rarely think about the interior of the houses around us. But when we pass the same houses early in the evening and the interior and exterior are lit up, we naturally begin to wonder if that house looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside! Twilight real estate photos can be great “clickbait” to make a viewer want to click through more photos of the interior of a home.

A View That A Buyer Won’t See For An In-Person Showing

In general, in-person home showings occur some time in the morning or in the early afternoon. Because of this, viewers are typically viewing the exterior of the home in direct sunlight, or the occasional cloud cover. 

Unless you schedule a home showing right before the sun goes down, viewers won’t experience the welcoming twilight glow of a home unless it is captured in a photo. If an interested buyer has already had an in-person showing and returns to view the listing online, they can be reminded of how much they liked the home through a beautiful view that they didn’t experience before. 

They Fulfill an Inherent Need For Shelter and Protection

We all want to live in a home that is safe and protected, and as long as an image of a home has four walls and a roof, we will feel comfortable that it will provide at least some form of protection. However, viewing the warm glow of a home against the contrast of a deep blue sky creates a feeling that we can all resonate with, one where we are surrounded by family, finishing up dinner, and settling in for a safe and comforting night. 

They Allow For Buyers to Visualize Entertaining

Near the top of the list of things that many home buyers are looking for in a new home is a space to entertain. Unless you are having a Fourth of July BBQ, most neighborhood parties and gatherings are held in the evening. Twilight real estate photos allow for viewers to envision summer BBQs or game nights in a comfortable living room that are not naturally visualized with daytime photos. 

Contact Space Coast Media Solutions

If you are a real estate agent or homeowner in the Orlando area, we encourage you to give us a call to learn more about our twilight photo services. We work with next-day turnarounds to get the photos in your hands or have them posted to listing sites such as Trulia or Zillow. We look forward to working with you! 

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